Catalogue of the Alucitoidea of the World, v1.0

Notes on the catalogue


The family Alucitidae was previously considered a sister group to the Tineodidae or false plume moths but has been shown to be nested within them (Heikkilä et al. 2015 ).

This version of the Catalogue therefore treats these as a single family. No attempt has been made to place the genera in anything other than alphabetical order.

A phylogenetically appropriate revision of the expanded Alucitidae into subfamilies, and perhaps tribes, remains necessary.

Alucita parca Rebel, 1901

The 2003 catalogue included Alucita parca on page 114 with the following explanation:

Orneodes parca Rebel, 1901: Manuscript name (teste Scholz & Jäckh, 1994). — Israel (teste Amsel, 1935). DISTRIBUTION. Palaearctic: Israel.

It is not clear why a manuscript name was included. The name in question would render the otherwise valid pterophorid name Alucita parca Meyrick, 1929 (from Haifa, Palestine) a homonym. The close geographic proximity of the locations is suggestive of some possible confusion.

In the absence of more information, this name has been excluded from the current version of the Catalogue of World Alucitoidea.

Alucita xanthozona (Clarke, 1896)

Orneodes xanthozona Clarke, 1986, described from the Marquesas Islands, is a junior homonym of Orneodes xanthozona Diakonoff, 1954, from Irian Jaya. Both species are now included in Alucita.

No replacement has been published for Clarke's species. This remains as a task for a future taxonomist working on the fauna of French Polynesia.